Thursday, November 10, 2011

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fun facts:

her first foray into textile design was in 1956, when she enrolled in a textile design course at Salford School of Art

she met fledgling fashion designer Ossie Clark (her future husband and collaborator) at a coffee shop near her school

in the 60's, she worked briefly at the wig department at Aldwych Theater...the production designer there urged her to start designing textiles again.

she gained international acclaim when she started designing textiles for Ossie Clark's collections

1974 - her marriage ended (Ossie spun out of control with drugs and partying) and she left the industry to raise her two sons

1984 - she opened her own shop in Notting Hill and filled it with fabrics designed for interiors

2006 - she collaborated with the English chain TopShop...In the first six minutes of her collection's release, about 1,000 of her dresses and blouses were sold. That same year she also decided to retire from managing her brand

her and Ossie

do you like her designs? were you lucky enough to get a dress from her collab w/ top shop? 

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Sally said...

Love that picture of her and Ossie! They were cool.