Tuesday, September 6, 2011

while we were out: hortense miller garden

a couple weekends ago we took a field trip to the Hortense Miller Garden in Laguna beach and apparently Hortense was one feisty lady (and I like feisty). she loved to garden, so much so that she requested that her potting area (not her living room or kitchen, mind you) be positioned in the space with the best view on her property. I also am a fan of her approach to gardening: "I just buy something and walk around and look for a place to stick it," she said. "If it doesn't do, I put something else in...I don't like to have to coddle them and beg them and compliment them and urge them to grow." Amen, sister. (although I've been known to lovingly dust off each and every leaf on my fig tree....so I guess there's some coddling going on there)
thanks to Brian for the pics!

I'll post more pictures of the house (a neat mid-century modern) later this week. it was pretty cool.

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