Thursday, August 25, 2011

pleased to meet you:

fun facts:

Charley Harper (1922-2007) was born in Virginia and grew up on a farm (I'd even say that's where he cultivated his love for the animals that dominate his work)

he moved to Ohio to attend the Art Academy of Cincinnati, there he met his future wife, Edie. <3

after he graduated he became a teacher at his alma mater.

he said this of his stylized aesthetic: "When I look at a wildlife or nature subject, I don’t see the feathers in the wings, I just count the wings. I see exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behavior and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures. I regard the picture as an ecosystem in which all the elements are interrelated, interdependent, perfectly balanced, without trimming or unutilized parts; and herein lies the lure of painting; in a world of chaos, the picture is one small rectangle in which the artist can create an ordered universe."

Todd Oldham released a book about Charley, find it here

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Mallory said...

i've wanted todd oldham's charley harper book for ages. i need to just buy it! i know i'd end up paging through it on a daily basis.