Monday, February 28, 2011

Suzanne Lalique

I'm really excited about today's post!  I just stumbled upon this gal and her designs are so awesome.

Suzanne (1892-1989) grew up around her father's artistic ability and soon cultivated her own sense of design. With no formal art training, she designed book covers, textiles, created concepts for theatrical productions and was a distinguished painter. It wasn't until she met and married her husband Paul Haviland (who was in the Limoges porcelain business) that her designs were used to decorate porcelain.

Here are some of her plate sketches from the late 1920s:

I think these sketches are just so charming and would frame one (or 4!) and put it on a wall at home in an instant. She has a lot more talent to share, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her work around these parts in the future. Until then...

thanks and lots more images of her work at Les Arts Decoratifs site


Peter Nencini said...

Gosh these are amazing quality. Thanks for posting them. Very inspiring. Just found your blog; looks great.

Anna said...

Thanks Peter, we love your blog too!