Monday, January 31, 2011

Lora Lamm is a lady.

she's cute and creative!

Lora Lamm was born in Switzerland, educated in Zurich and moved to Milan to pursue graphic design work. In 1954, she was hired by La Rinascente (an upscale Italian department store) upon a recommendation from fellow designer and former classmate, Max Huber. Her illustrations are often playful, stylish and have exciting color palettes.

snazzy swimmers.

love the headless lady silhouettes. 

whitespace for clothes + stripes + interesting color combo

...and these are for Pirelli, a rubber company. Who knew tire ads could be so chic!

1959, Pirelli for the Scooter. 
windblown hair + striped shirt. oh!

1960, Tires for Bicycles
pretty pedaling.

1960, Hot Water Bags. 

1960, Mountain Soles.
real photography + illustration + type

Happy Monday!

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