Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kasuti: Traditional Embroidery from India

Kasuti is a type of embroidery indigenous to India and produced primarily by women. The designs, which are very geometric, are first sketched out in charcoal on the fabric then intricately sewn using different, brightly colored threads. An interesting feature of the Kasuti technique is that both sides are identical; there is no right or wrong side. It was tradition for an Indian bride to receive an elaborately embroidered sari for her wedding celebration.

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Embroidery said...

Embroidery is one art form with a long history that today's technology has taken to a whole new level. From what I have read, embroidery has been around since man began to wear clothes, back to the Iron Age. According to history, it all started when man realized that he could use thread to join pieces of fur to make clothes.