Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angelo Testa

Angelo Testa (1918-1984) studied fine art at the Chicago Institute of Design and went on the start up his own textile company in the late 1940s, catering to many architecture firms in the area. 

IBM Disks, produced 1950-56

Cities, c. 1950s

Algiers, 1952

the internet tells me this sold at auction for $1,530. Pricey little pets.

This is one of his metal sculptures valued around $4000-$5000:


josh richards said...

I just found an Angelo Testa stretched screen print at an old furniture store's going out of business sale. It has a small water stain but I paid only $35 for it! Trying to figure out what it would be worth now by googling and found these images--they're great!

Anna said...

wow. lucky! thanks for visiting :)