Monday, March 29, 2010

Buff and Hensman

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Yesterday we went on a Buff and Hensman architecture tour in Pasadena. The tour spanned their long careers as well as their partners, Smith and Straub. The houses ranged in age from 1954 - 1999. Our favorite by far was the Thompson Mosely House 1959, which is pictured above and directly below. Unfortunately we were not permitted to take pictures and these are the only pictures I could find. The current owners did an amazing job restoring and renovating it. They changed a few things up from the original design, but it all blended seamlessly with the original. The siting of the house as well as the landscape was amazing. It felt so private. We did not want to leave. The last house below is the Norton House 1954. The location of this was quite impressive as well. It is nestled down a hill with a stream that waterfalls down the side of the property. Who in LA area can say they have an actual stream next to their house?! This house is quite original and you can definitely see the influence of Frank Llyod Wright in the details. You can check out more of their work at their website.

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