Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inside Daisy Clover

We have been hooked on our Roku Box, which lets us watch movies from Net Flicks anytime we want. This weekend we watched a movie from the 60's called "Inside Daisy Clover" staring Natalie Wood, Robert Redford and Christopher Plummer (the father from "The Sound of Music.") Is is a down on your luck rags to riches, star is born story. Daisy is a teenager living in a trailer with her not so all there mother (played by Ruth Gordon of "Harold and Maude") on the boardwalk in Angel Beach. It is set in the 30's but the costume design and set design is heavily influenced by it's current day, 1965. Costumes were designed by Edith Head. The 1st part of the movie she is dressed in a sweatshirt and khaki's that are so perfectly distressed. She also sports a sweet pair of dungarees later on. She then sends in a recording of herself to a Hollywood studio head and is discovered and whisked into the dark yet glamourous world of the pictures. There she meets Robert Redford's character "Wade Lewis" a cynical movie star. There are some crazy surreal scenes from the movies she shoots....a circus clown act and a sparkley 60's space number. The music was composed by Andre Previn and was quite interesting, at times sounding horror movie-esque. Not sure who designed the sets but there was some over the top Hollywood Regency style. Check out the the style in the picture of Redford below. The movie was directed by Robert Mulligan who also directed another cool movie from the 60's "Up the Down Staircase." I am not sure how many stars I would give Daisy, but it was definitely interesting and fun to watch, especially some of the surreal movie scenes.

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