Monday, December 7, 2009

Estate Sale Madness

We went to an Estate Sale this past weekend. The house was packed full of goodies from Finland and Latvia as well as Mid Century Furniture. It was quite a scene, with the worst in people coming out. Karma ended up playing a role with a woman who cut in line for the mad dash, just to lose the money she stashed in her bra and then later get thrown out of the sale. She was quite the character. Made for an interesting morning! We were lucky enough to pick up some interesting pieces for the collection as well as a few things for ourselves. This family had tons of embroidered and hand woven Latvian textiles. We picked up a few blankets for the house as seen above. We also scored some sweet ceramics and Brian picked up some records according to their covers. Who knows what they are or what type of music.......let's hope it is music!

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Adriana said...

you guys scored some sweet stuff!! i love the blankets!! nice colors and patterns.