Thursday, December 31, 2009

Clothing Conservation

Came across these photos when I was researching images to go along with the "Down on the Farm" theme. These are from the Cornell University Library's photostream on Flikr. The 1st 3 photos are from a textiles and clothing department display at Farmers Week, February 1919. They are examples of garments made from men's shirts. The last photo is circa 1918 and is from a project on clothing conservation. It shows how to make a child's dress from a women's dress. People were way more resourceful back then. Here is hoping for a New Year filled with even a fraction of the amount of gumption these people had!

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Adriana said...

So resourceful. My mom use to make our diapers from my dads old shirts...then she'd have to walk downt to the river and wash them by hand. that's love right there.