Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Herb and Dorothy Vogel

We have been wanting to see the documentary "Herb & Dorothy" for awhile. We missed it at the Orange County Museum of Art when they played it there. We were hoping it would come back around and then the other night when flipping though channels, we realized it was going to be playing on the PBS show "Independent Lens." Score! It was so interesting to see how a Librarian and a Postal Worker managed to amass the most important modern art collection of all times. I believe about 4,000 pieces and fit them into their one bedroom apartment. In the past couple of years they gifted their collection to The National Gallery. They only had room for 1,000 pieces so they started a program called "50 Works for 50 States." Just saw there was a website for it, so you can see if part of their collection made it to a museum in your town. There are lots of images of the collection, here are a few. Very inspirational. If you would like to check out the documentary, looks like they will be playing it a few more times this month. Check your local listings on the "Independent Lens" website.

"Five Incomplete Circles"
Stephen Antonakos

Edda Renouf

Gary Bower

Robert Duran

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