Monday, October 26, 2009

Artist's Jewelry

Continuing with the theme of art from last week, this week's posts will be about artists who also dabbled in jewelry. Starting in the 40's and continuing through the 70's there were some prominent artists that took up jewelry design as another medium for self expression. Here are a few examples from Louise Bourgeois, Harry Bertoia and Jean Arp.


Anonymous said...

This silver necklace set with tourmalines was made in 1960 and is available from Didier Antiques in London. For more information and for further pieces of artists' jewellery:

Martine Haspeslagh said...

Didier Antiques also have the silver shackle necklace originally designed by Louise Bourgeois in the late 1940s and issued in a liited edition in the late 1990s, the silver kinetic brooch by Harry Bertoia made in the early 1940s and the gold bird brooch designed by Braque c. 1960.

Martine Haspeslagh said...

If you like artists jewellery you should, no must, visit the Museum of Art and Design in New York and see the show "Picasso to Koons, Artist as Jeweler as Artist" which has been curated by Diane Venet - the exhibition is open until January 2012 and the pieces she has brought together are amazing