Sunday, September 27, 2009

Under the Influence

The Paul Smith show for Spring 2010 was influenced by the book "Gentlemen of Bakongo" by Daniele Tagamani. The 1st look off the Runway looked like it walked right off the cover of the book. You can't go wrong with a Pink Suit and Red Bowler Hat. The book captures the culture of Congolese Dandies called "sapeurs." This look started back in the 20's and 30's when affluent Congolese would travel to Europe and bring back new wardrobes fit for a king. Nowadays the "sapeurs" do not come from money. They can save up all year working multiple jobs just for
one outfit with pedigree. They look damn good though. Paul Smith also mixed in a bit of traditional dress as well. The 1st photo below is a current picture of some "sapeurs" although they look of another era. The 2nd picture below is by Malick Sidibe a Malian photographer know for his b+w photos of 60's popular culture in Bamako Mali. Mali is kinda far from the Congo, but this photos reminded me of some of the looks from the show. Not sure where the tattered photo is from, but love the mixture of prints.

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ohiowest said...

love the pic of those people dancing!