Monday, September 14, 2009

Chewing Gum Alley

We went to Big Sur this past weekend to camp with friends. It was a such blast and was so incredibly beautiful up there. It was hard to leave, but when we did we made a few stops along the way, one being San Luis Obispo for lunch. We also took a few minutes for a field trip to Bubble Gum Alley. It is so gross that is makes it cool. Basically it is an alley where people stick their chewed gum. The history on it is a little sketchy, some say it started in the 1950's. Anyway, some people just stick it up in a wad, others get more creative and form letters, words and pictures. It is like gum graffiti . It makes some interesting textures and patterns, but if you think about it too long, it can kinda skeeve you out.

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