Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Essential Art of African Textiles: Design Without End

Display Cloth, Gambia 1st Half of the 19th Century

These images are from an exhibit Brian and I went to at the Met when we were in NYC in January. Luckily they have nice images on their website, because I was scolded when I tried to take photos. Oops! The exhibit ended awhile ago, but if you have a chance check out the site or if you want something tangible, you could pick up the catalogue.

Adire Cloth:Olokun, Nigeria; Yoruba, 1st Half of the 20th Century


dani said...

When I visited, the exhibition was closed for the day, so I had to buy the book.
Gorgeous stuff!!!

Lakia Shaffer said...

Oh, these are some fantastic designs! I’ve seen Javanese batik design, but I must say that the African textile patterns are quite wonderful. The color combinations are vibrant, and they have rhythmic patterns that differ from one another. And I’m glad that these are making quite the impression in the fashion industry.

Lakia Shaffer